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Diesel Driving School London Ltd.
Diesel Driving School London Ltd.
16-Oct-2013 11:0:31
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Diesel Driving School London Ltd.
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Mr Vick Bissessur
18 Ivere Drive,
New Barnet,

Driving lessons covering the London Borough of Barnet and surrounding areas including North West London and South Hertfordshire, Barnet, Whetstone, Elstree, Borehamwood, Edgware, Finchley, Mill Hill, and Hendon

Diesel Driving School delivers one of the highest standards of driver education in the local area with a 92% pass rate.
It has been established since 2009 and growing fast with the coaching emphasis on driving skills for life. This is why when you pass with us; we offer a free hour motorway lesson so your driver skills are built upon after the test to help keep you and other road users safe.
Pass Plus Course gives you driver skills for life:
We also offer the added option of a Pass Plus course to help reduce those insurance costs and the aim of obtaining driver skills for life.
We are a company with passion for what we do, and an honest belief that truly learning to drive and consideration for other road users only begins once you pass the test and are on the road unsupervised.
The school is diverse, teaching all ages and abilities whether you are a complete beginner, need to brush up on your skills or, an international driver who needs a UK licence.
Specialise in first time learners, nervous learners, and refresher courses.
Offering FREE online theory and hazard perception training.
Tuition is one to one only in a manual vehicle, fitted with dual controls for your safety.
The vehicles are fitted with road cameras for easy play back for mock test errors and lesson feedback, and additional training on tricky test route areas available for playback during lesson or online for study in your own time.
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Reviewed by Daniel Pambakian
On 19-Sep-2018 16:0:19
Reviews:  Vick is a great instructor! His calm and patient teaching style meant I always felt comfortable and at ease during my lessons. I would highly recommend Diesel Driving!
Subject:  Recommended!
Reviewed by Chris Chapman
On 19-Sep-2018 16:0:10
Reviews:  Vick was an absolutely fantastic instructor. His cool demeanor and great knowledge of the area helped tremendously! With his instruction I was able to pass on the first driving test.
Subject:  Highly Recommended!
Reviewed by Jenna Yadav
On 14-May-2018 11:0:11
Reviews:   Before finding Vick I was very nervous to be driving on the road however Vick’s calm and easy to talk to attitude made me feel extremely confident driving. He is very friendly and thorough in his explainations whilst instructing me. I genuinely enjoyed every lesson with Diesel Driving because I was able to learn new things each lesson and improve as I go along. Thanks so much Vick for all your hard work!!!
Subject:  Diesel Driving
Reviewed by Omid Lotfizadeh
On 14-May-2018 11:0:04
Reviews:  Vick is a fantastic instructor. He is very professional and he was great at building up my skills so that I'd be very comfortable driving on the roads. He's also very patient and has a calming nature so it was very easy to learn from mistakes. With his help I was able to pass first time and I am very grateful to have been his student. I would definitely recommend him.
Subject:  Great instructor
Reviewed by Megan Balne
On 14-May-2018 11:0:58
Reviews:  I was incredibly nervous before learning to drive but that soon went away after just a few lessons with Vic. Every lesson i gained more and more confidence thanks to vic's patience of a saint and calm, reassuring attitude. I would reccomend him to anybody local looking for the best driving instructor! Thanks for everything vic!
Subject:  By far the best
Reviewed by Charlie Anastasiou
On 14-May-2018 11:0:51
Reviews:  Vick is a great driving instructor, Without his patience and experience helping me through to feel more comfortable and ready for my practical
Subject:  I would definitely recommend!
Reviewed by India
On 14-May-2018 11:0:47
Reviews:  10 out of 10 Vick is the best driving instructor ever, patient, funny, friendly, know what he's doing. Passed first time thanks to Him. Over the moon defiantly will be recommending Vick to anyone.
Subject:  Thank you!
Reviewed by Liudmila
On 14-May-2018 11:0:32
Reviews:  After wasting time and money elsewhere I had read glorious reviews for Diesel Driving School London Ltd and decided to give it a go. Absolutely no regrets this time! I have passed my driving test and can confirm that all great accolades about Vick are true and thoroughly deserved. He is very professional and incredibly patient. There were no commands; there were very clear, simple and logical explanations what is right and why it is right. More over, there wasn't time wasting! I felt, every lesson had purpose and structure. Vick was always encouraging and helped to build my confidence which I almost lost with my previous instructor. He is punctual and very easy to communicate with. Needless to say, I would highly recommend Diesel Driving School London Ltd to everyone who wants to learn to drive. Thank you, Vick, and best wishes!
Subject:  Highly recommended!!!
Reviewed by Luca SInnott
On 10-Jul-2017 12:0:18
Reviews:  Great instructor, really nice, reliable and patient. Vick does't mess you about in terms of lessons, really fun learning with him. I really enjoyed learning here and would recommend it to anyone wanting lessons in the Barnet area. Once again, thank you.
Subject:  Fantastic and Thank you
Reviewed by Adrian
On 10-Jul-2017 12:0:57
Reviews:  Vick is what a driving instructor should be. A friendly and calm person with patience who knows the best way to teach you how to drive properly. I felt very relaxed driving with him, helping me to have more confidence behind the wheel and passing the test FIRST TIME.
Subject:  Professional driving instructor
Reviewed by Ramnik
On 10-Jul-2017 12:0:32
Reviews:  Vick was my 3rd driving instructor and I had lost all hope of passing! Vick never gave up and week by week I improved! He told me to book my test, he didn't just take want to take my money every week which was extremely refreshing! I honestly can not recommend him enough! He is highly skilled at what he does and a lovely person! If your thinking about learning to drive, this is the person to go with!
Subject:  Amazing!!! It's
Reviewed by Ramnik Kacha
On 10-Jul-2017 12:0:19
Reviews:  Vick was my 3rd driving instructor and I had lost all hope of passing! Vick never gave up and week by week I improved! He told me to book my test, he didn't just take want to take my money every week which was extremely refreshing! I honestly can not recommend him enough! He is highly skilled at what he does and a lovely person! If your thinking about learning to drive, this is the person to go with!
Subject:  Amazing!!
Reviewed by Aaron Goldberg
On 10-Jul-2017 12:0:39
Reviews:  Before finding and starting with Diesel Driving School I had some discouraging experiences with other instructors however, Vick, who is so friendly and easy to talk to, soon built up my confidence and my driving very quickly progressed and improved. The incredibly calm and clear way in which he taught made it so easy for me to grasp all aspects of driving and learn from any mistakes that I made, especially when it came to manoeuvres for which Vick had many amazing tips. I greatly enjoyed and looked forward to all of my lessons; who wouldn’t want to drive the most awesome orange car?!
Subject:  Review
Reviewed by Curtis King
On 24-Nov-2016 13:0:03
Reviews:  Passed first time, amazing instructor, will 100% recommend him to my friends and family. Thank you for everything Vic! 10/10 driving experience
Subject:  Review
Reviewed by Chuck Wilson
On 10-Nov-2016 15:0:17
Reviews:  Excellent driving school, very patient instructer. I would definitely recommend this for anyone learning to drive
Subject:  Quality
Reviewed by Gareth Gray
On 17-Oct-2016 09:0:35
Reviews:  Vick is patient, detailed, friendly and very very knowledgeable. Highly recommended.
Subject:  Driving Lessons
Reviewed by Anjelica M
On 17-Oct-2016 09:0:21
Reviews:  After going through a few instructors and struggling to find an instructor or driving school that worked for me, when I came across Diesel Driving School, it was a blessing. Vick ensured he was always calm and friendly during our lessons and when I did make mistakes he would always explain perfectly how I can improve and better my driving ability. I don't have the words to express how thankful I am that someone recommended Vick to me. I genuinely enjoyed every single one of my lessons and even though I am so happy I passed my test, I'm sad that I won't be driving one of the coolest cars ever again!
Subject:  I highly recommend!!
Reviewed by viv weller
On 29-Mar-2016 12:0:47
Reviews:  My son has just passed his driving test first time having been taught how to drive by Vick. I cannot praise him highly enough - he is calm, patient and very professional and importantly he did not encourage me to pay for more lessons just before the test as he said my son was ready and this was not necessary.
Subject:  Brilliant Instructor
Reviewed by Parsa Lotfizadeh
On 04-Jan-2016 14:0:14
Reviews:  An amazing instructor who's ability to teach is excellent! His calm and friendly approach will leave you feeling incredibly confident behind the wheel! Cheers Vick!! You're the best
Subject:  The Best!!
Reviewed by Marianna Chojnacka
On 14-Dec-2015 16:0:18
Reviews:  Excellent instructor. Always reliable and patient, his professional and calm approach gave me the confidence to pass the test. I've passed with 4 minors. Highly recommended. Thank you Vick!
Subject:  Brilliant instructor.
Reviewed by Anna Rozanska
On 24-Jul-2015 12:0:08
Reviews:  Absolutely brilliant. Highly recommend Vick!!
Subject:  Excellent instructor
Reviewed by Jolene Hawthorn
On 21-May-2015 08:0:17
Reviews:  I would highly recommend vick at diesel driving school. His carm and very patient. Help me pass first time even thou I was extremely nurves
Subject:  excellent driving school
Reviewed by Natalia
On 24-Apr-2015 12:0:52
Reviews:  I would highly recommend Vick! He helped me to pass 1st time with only 3 minors. His teaching standards are very good and he is always positive and encouraging.
Subject:  Excellent instructor
Reviewed by Tuyota Manuwa
On 20-Apr-2015 12:0:51
Reviews:  Vick is very experience and articulate driving instructor. By far the best of the three people that taught me. I passed my test after 7-8hrs driving lessons with Vick
Subject:  Good driving instructor
Reviewed by Samson
On 10-Mar-2015 13:0:37
Reviews:  Vick is cool, calm, patient and informative. He teaches you confidence by giving you the simplest method of taking control of the car. Which in turn, allows you to take control of your nervous. What i noticed and what helped me the most, was Vick never judged or reaffirmed my mistakes. He just explained the cause and effect of the situation and gave me the clearest and most direct solution to the problem.
Subject:  5 star Instructor
Reviewed by Janpen
On 03-Feb-2015 13:0:57
Reviews:  Vick is a good teacher. My English isn't very good but Vick helped by speaking slowly and clearly. It took me a few attempts but I passed.
Subject:  A patient instructor
Reviewed by Aastha
On 02-Feb-2015 12:0:15
Reviews:  After a long break from learning how to drive, I was recommended Vick by a friend. He was very patient and encouraged me a lot, boosting my confidence. He has great deals for his lessons and I passed first time! Excellent instructor, very much recommended!
Subject:  Great instructor!
Reviewed by Karen
On 19-Nov-2014 15:0:55
Reviews:  Vick is a great instructor. Calm and patient in all situation. Punctual and great deals on lessons. Very well recommended.
Subject:  I passed with just 3 minors
Reviewed by Nayan Yadav
On 17-Nov-2014 10:0:43
Reviews:  With the help of Vick, I passed first time. Vick is a calm instructor that finds your pace and works with it. Vick never rushes you into a situation that he thinks you cannot cope with, I passed with 34 hours of lessons- each lesson different to the last - with different experiences.
Subject:  5* Instructor
Reviewed by Jaykishen
On 27-Oct-2014 11:0:28
Reviews:  By far Vick is the calmest, coolest and competent driving instructor in town! He is always punctual, picks up my style of learning and adapts to my availability! He has taught me a life skill with such excellence, that I passed first time with only 5 minors. Cannot thank you enough. I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone looking to drive :)
Subject:  Vick the Great!
Reviewed by Lena
On 14-Oct-2014 10:0:50
Reviews:  I pass with Vick first time. Vick is very patient and made me feel calm while I was learning to drive. He is very good at noticing areas which need improving. Vick is very punctual, never gets angry)) And as soon as you are ready for the test he'll let you know it. Overall excellent, best instructor ever. I would advise to everyone!!
Subject:  Excellent
Reviewed by Jaisin
On 29-Aug-2014 15:0:30
Reviews:  To be called 'Great' would only half describe Vicks services as a driving instructor! Vick was fantastic in explaining, teaching and helping me perfect each skill I required to pass. At only 17, he was able to work around my college timetable, making my organisation easy. At only 17 he was able to help me pass first time, with 3 minors! I would 100% recommend Vick to anybody looking for a quality and patient driving instructor/school.
Subject:  Vick - Review
Reviewed by Jaisin Patel
On 08-May-2014 08:0:24
Reviews:  To be called 'great' would only half describe Vicks services as a driving instructor. Vick was fantastic in explaining, teaching and helping me perfect each skill I required to pass. Only being 17, Vick enabled me to work around my college timetable, making my organisation easy and helping me pass first time, with only 3 minors! I would 100% recommend Vick to anybody looking for a quality and patient driving instructor/school.
Subject:  Review
Reviewed by Nicola Revell
On 08-May-2014 08:0:06
Reviews:  I would highly recommend vick as a driving instructor. In just four months he helped me pass my theory and practical test with very few faults both first time. Vick is very reliable, professional, patient and extremely easy to get along with. From day one I felt relaxed and confident. So glad I chose diesel driving school. 10/10
Subject:  highly recommended
Reviewed by Janos Piroska
On 15-Mar-2014 11:0:00
Reviews:  Vick is, friendly ,Very professional, calm at all the time, delivering excelent customer service. Good prices, flexible hours. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
Subject:  Review
Reviewed by Shirley Cespedes
On 05-Dec-2013 09:0:16
Reviews:  Excellent driving instructor, Vick's patience, level of expertise is unmeasurable. His explanations are clear and concise. And when I made mistakes he was very patient with me until i got it right. Thank you Vick couldn't have done it without you. Good Luck to everyone !!!!
Reviewed by Nisha
On 27-Oct-2013 16:0:27
Reviews:  Vick is a great instructor , calm and patient . Highly Recommened.
Subject:  5 Star Driving Instructor
Reviewed by Jonathan
On 18-Oct-2013 20:0:11
Reviews:  A very calm instructor. Never shows impatience or shows anger. Has strong belief in his students which helps the student feel at ease. Would definitely recommend Vick to other students.
Subject:  5 STAR instructor
Reviewed by Kwaku Adu
On 17-Oct-2013 12:0:06
Reviews:  Vick was a great driving instructor, helped me pass on the first time of asking with few minors. This speaks for itself and shows that Vick is a top instructor. He is very calm and patient as well as assertive when needs be. I highly recommend his services.
Subject:  Driving lessons
Reviewed by Marcus
On 16-Oct-2013 23:0:00
Reviews:  Im glad I done my lessons with Vick.. He was patient and bis unique style of teaching helped me pick up driving quite quickly. Very high quality and reliable.
Subject:  Diesel Driving School
Reviewed by Chanel
On 16-Oct-2013 18:0:40
Reviews:  1st class instructor , learnt very quick and built up my confidence with Vics help. Having done lessons before with another instructor who wasn't so pleasant I gave up until I was recommended deisel school and I'm very pleased I used them would definatly recommend to anyone thinking of learning.
Subject:  Driving lessons
Reviewed by Claire
On 16-Oct-2013 14:0:12
Reviews:  Fantastic Instructor! Very clear and concise. Puts you at ease and focuses on getting you to a high standard of driving. I would highly recommend Vick. I had put off doing my lessons for years and I was pleasantly surprised at how quick Vick got me to test standard. After passing my test first time I was keen to continue learning so I booked my Pass Plus with Diesel Driving School.
Subject:  Driving Leasons
Reviewed by Neil
On 16-Oct-2013 12:0:29
Reviews:  An encouraging, calming and friendly instructor Vick gave me the confidence I needed to take and pass my test first time! Highly recommended.
Subject:  Driving lessons
Reviewed by Nir
On 16-Oct-2013 12:0:23
Reviews:  Excellent driving instructer, good prices, helped me to pass my test on first attempt Recommend to use him. Good luck to everyone
Subject:  Great instructer
Reviewed by Carla
On 16-Oct-2013 12:0:51
Reviews:  Vick was really good and always patiant would 100% recommend also good value for money!
Subject:  Driving lessons
Reviewed by Neil
On 16-Oct-2013 12:0:21
Reviews:  A very pleasant and informative experience. The relaxed and confident manner in which I was taught went a long way to give me confidence in my own driving ability. I would recommend Diesel Driving School to anyone.
Subject:  Driving Lessons
Reviewed by Clemmie
On 16-Oct-2013 12:0:05
Reviews:  I really enjoyed having Vick as my instructor. He was always patient and explained things well. I would definitely recommend him as he has great customer service and good value for money.
Subject:  Driving instructor

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